Mentoring and more

This page is information for members to help understand a little bit more about what our Club has to offer to help develop as a photographer and make the hobby of photography more enjoyable.
Over the past few years Bingley Camera Club has grown quickly and the committee have been proactive at trying to give as much value as possible. So below are some of the things that we do that make a difference.


This is something we have started in 2021 and is for those that want to progress their skills, especially those with little knowledge. If a member is looking to be mentored, we will try and match with an experienced volunteer to help. However, because we are a club who's ethos is to share knowledge and improve everyone, there is plenty of opportunity to progress.


This is something the club has done for since 2019 and is something that is part of the season syllabus and not linked to the mentoring. Members who wish to participate are put in to groups of approximately five and are asked to go out as a group and photograph somewhere during the summer break THEY THEN present their work to the club the following season. This has had some really positive effects. First of all, you get to meet other members of the club you might NOT otherwise engage with. It shows how other people see the same things differently as photographers. It also helps you learn off each other as well as develop friendships. There are some examples on the Youtube Channel to show how some teams presented the work, or some of the images taken.

Click here to go to Bingley Camera Club Youtube Channel


Club members administrate a few internal groups that are suitable for those with specific genres of photography. These groups have meet ups, zoom chats and social media groups dedicated to the subject. Current groups we have are Wildlife, Landscape, affinity editing, sports, street/architecture and Creative. This is proving to be a very successful addition to club membership.


The Club has a private facebook group where we have discussions, share shots and also have a lot of archived documents and videos to help a members development. This group is strictly members only.


This private group is for members to ask for images to be critiqued so that we can develop our skills. Often someone else looking at an image will help find areas of improvement as well as the strengths in an image.


We have a whatsapp group where members chat and share what they are up to. We want members to also use this group to arrange meet ups and build the friendships that have developed in the club. As with all the groups we have, we ask members to be mindful of the content they post and be respectful to others.

In summary, we want to give our members as much value as we can, so please use the facilities we have to help your development and enjoyment. If you are not a member and wish to find out more, or join the club, please use the contact us page.