President's Challenge 2024

President - Paul Brown

The President's Challenge for 2024 is to submit an image with the subject of 'The Lone Tree'.
All the details are listed on this page.
This years President's Challenge is simply 'The Lone Tree'.

The President's Challenge is just for fun and does not count towards the Annual Photographer of the year.

Members are being asked to submit one image of a lone tree. Now that is open to interpretation, however a lone tree must be the point of focus.

Image Deadline
Deadline is 19th February 2024
Images are to be sent direct to the President via wetransfer to

Image Sizes
Images are to be sized in accordance with normal club competition rules.

Size of image should be 1600 pixels wide x 1200 pixels high (max) for landscape format and 1200 pixels high (max) x whatever it works out at for portrait format

Images must be titled with the name of image followed by your membership number. For example: The Haywain - 25

The President will accept images taken within last 2 years from date of competition. Those submitted outside that date will not be disqualified but will have points deducted.

For any other clarification, please use the club social groups.