Our Competitions

Be sure to read as it contains important information about our competitions if you are a club member.

Judges Guide to entering competitions

WeTransfer your entries to:- Chris Duffy(Click on the name)

Important Dates

These are the last dates of entry for the competitions for the 2021/22 season.

25th Oct - Running Competition- Round 1 - Old & New/Ancient & Modern
29th Nov - Running Competition Round 2 - Water
20th Dec - Running Competition Round 3 - Night Time/After Dark
31st Jan - Annual Projected Image Competition
7th Mar - Annual Monochrome Print Competition - Mounted Prints
21st March - Presidents challenge (entries sent to President)
11th Apr - Annual Colour Print Competition



The Annual Competitions

Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd with Highly Commended and Commended as decided by an external judge in each category.

Also please note that on the annual awards night trophies are awarded in the categories of beginner, intermediate and advanced phototographers. If you are a new member you are placed in the beginner category. If you know you are more than a beginner, let the secretary know and you will be added to a category more suitable. Also note, if you win a trophy in the beginners or intermediate you will be moved up the following season. This means even if you are a beginner or early into your photography journey, you have a chance of winning an award at the end of season when normally you could just be competing against seasoned photographers. As a member, we want the competitions used to help everyone develop, so don't be worried about entering, it will help you get better as a photographer.

Annual Colour Print

The maximum mount sizes will be 400 x 500mm to correspond with the YPU.

You can enter 2 images of any subject.

Annual Monochrome Print

The maximum mount sizes will be 400 x 500mm to correspond with the YPU.

You can enter 2 images of any subject.

Annual Projected Image

You can enter 2 images of any subject. They can be colour or mono or mixed.

The size of the images must be 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high (max) for landscape format and 1080 pixels high (max) x whatever it works out at for portrait format. The file format must be JPEG, medium quality level 6.

The Running Competition

This year there will be 3 rounds of projected images.

Therefore this is now just a single competition spread over 3 rounds each with a theme and into which you can submit 2 images per round or theme.

Size of image should be 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high (max) for landscape format and 1080 pixels high (max) x whatever it works out at for portrait format

Each round will be themed as follows:-

Round 1 - Old & New/Ancient & Modern

Round 2 – Water

Round 3 – Night Time/After Dark

This is an internally judged competition and marks given by members are added up and then averaged out to get a score per image. Members scores will be added up over the whole contest (3 rounds) to produce an overall winner etc. This is about consistency over the season.

Please note that we will not be announcing any scores until the end of the season. This is simply to try to encourage people to keep entering all 3 rounds. Nobody will know who is in what position at any point, so hopefully nobody will be put off entering future rounds. Also, as mentioned earlier, as a beginner, you still have a chance of silverware at end of season.

The aim is to critique each image on the night of each competition to give feedback that way.

Please also note that you can interpret a theme as you see fit. However, also remember that your fellow photographers are scoring the images and if they don’t think it fits the bill they may mark it down. So be realistic with your approach and not too loose or abstract with your interpretation.

Certificates will be awarded for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each round, but the overall winner will be the one with the highest combined scores across all 3 rounds.

There will also be an award for the highest scoring individual image across all 3 rounds.

Photographer of the Year

This is an award for the person who scores most points over all competitions during the season.

Points / Scoring
It has been agreed again that this coming season we will not be giving out the scores for individual images, but we will give feedback / critique on them. A score of 12/13/14 etc doesn’t mean much; it’s more the critique that matters.
We will announce a 1st, 2nd & 3rd with Highly Commended and Commended in each competition
Image Titles
It's important that you give your image- either digital or print, a title.
When submitting digital images you should ensure that the file name is the title of the image. Please don't send images in with seperate correspondence stating the title, as this can sometimes get misplaced. Within the title name you should add your member number (obtained when you paid your subscription). For example :- The sky at Night-15.jpg
For print submissions you should write on the back of the mount (top right hand corner) the title of the image along with your members number. You will find this number on your receipt which you received when you paid your subscription.

Please note: An image can not be entered in multiple competitions within the club. For example if entered in Annual Open DPI, it cannot be then entered in to Annual colour print.

If in doubt about anything competition related, please ask, no matter how trivial you think it is. We understand it is sometimes difficult to grasp what is required or how to do something.