Summer Project

These video slideshows are from the Bingley Camera Club Summer Projects where members were allocated to a group to go out and photograph together.
Bingley Camera Club has a Summer project where club members who wish to take part are grouped together randomly in teams of approximateley five and tasked with going out together and photographing whatever they want and however they want. They are then asked to present this to the club in the autumn. This has the benefit of getting to know other club members as well as giving a reason to get out with the camera and share ideas. This slideshows are some of the images taken on this project. We hope you enjoy the slideshows and if you wish to find out more about our ever growing club please get in touch.

Paul, Gillian, Phil, Richard and Chris

Nick, Chris, Liz, Liene and Racheal

Mick, Ron, Paul & Bill