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Keighley In Focus
Here are the details of our much anticipated Keighley in Focus exhibition that will be running from 13th of May until 3rd of June 2021 at Keighley Creative
Below is a slideshow of the images that were displayed in our Keighley In Focus Exhibition.

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At last, Keighley in Focus our much anticipated and planned for exhibition will be up and running from 13th of May until 3rd of June 2021.

Gemma Hobbs and the team at Keighley Creative have done a great job ensuring that we got the first slot of 2021 alongside a local photographer Lisa Holmes and her project - 100 Creative Women and Girls of Keighley.

The first week 13th- 19th May will be digital only, so sharing online, building excitement about the launch day, showing gallery preparation!

From Thursday 20th May the Gallery will open (opening days Thursday /Saturday / Monday)

For more information visit or click here

For those that are finding out about the exhibition for the first time, this is bit of background to the exhibition which was originally planned for June 2020 at Cliffe Castle, Keighley

Bingley Camera Club challenged its members to explore Keighley and its environment through their lenses. The result is this exhibition, Keighley in Focus, an exhibition of photographs taken within a 5 km radius of Cliffe Castle.

The 50 photographs selected were taken by 30 different club members and reveal diverse aspects of the area in different photographic style. The photographs are of people, nature, landscapes and the built environment.

Hopefully everyone will be able to visit the exhibition at some point, just a word of warning Saturday 22nd may be busy as some of the people featured in the Creative Women exhibition will be attending.

The location is very central and easy for both Public Transport and parking, the car park behind the Creative Space is pay and display, but not expensive and there is lots of on street parking, if you are travelling by train it is about a five minute walk from the station and by bus, just across the road from the bus station.

The exhibition is in the gallery on Hanover Street with no steps and easily accessible.

Keighley In Focus

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