Keighley in Focus


The club is putting on a photo exhibition at Cliffe Castle, Keighley. The exhibition, which will be called 'Keighley in Focus', opens on 18 April and runs until 5 July. We expect it will really highlight our strong club, our members and our activities.

50 photographs will be selected for display. All the images must have been taken within a circle centred on Cliffe Castle. During the exhibition people will be able to vote on their favourite images and there may also be the opportunity to put anyone who would like to buy prints in touch with members who have indicated they would be willing to sell them.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Club members will be running a couple of free workshops at Cliffe Castle in May and June, where aspiring photographers can learn some camera basics and pick up some top tips for getting better pictures and using their camera's full potential.

Cliffe Castle will be publicising the events and there will be flyers in the local area as well as publicity in local magazines. We are hoping the exhibition will generate a good level of interest in the Club and encourage potential new members to come and see what we are about.

There is more information about Cliffe Castle here: CLIFFE CASTLE WEB SITE

The club is running workshops at Cliffe Castle on May 16 and June 6th (10-12 and 12.30-2.30 both dates). You can learn how to get more from your camera, take pictures with advice from club members and fund out how to improve your photo files.
Book your free tickets here:Click Here.