Keighley in Focus

Our Keighley in Focus Exhibition is now live
Click Here to see the Exhibition on line
Originally to be held in Cliffe Castle, Keighley, thanks to Bradford Museums & Galleries, Pellers Frames, Bradford Metropolitan District Council (Shipley Community Chest) and most of all our amazing club members, we are proud to present our exhibition virtually.
We will be having an exhibition in October 2021 at Cliffe Castle on the theme 'Mills and Hills' and other 'pop ups' in the meantime.

As you are all aware our Keighley in Focus exhibition was unfortunately unable to take place at Cliffe Castle. And now the exhibition that was due in Keighley Creative Space , Hanover Street, Keighley ( Old Sunwin House building) from Saturday 14th Nov until Saturday 12th Dec, has had to be cancelled due to the recent Covid 19 restrictions. We are hoping to reschedule in spring 2021. Please keep visiting the website for updates

Bingley Camera Club challenged its members to explore Keighley and its environment through their lenses. The result is this exhibition, Keighley in Focus, an exhibition of photographs taken within a 5 km radius of Cliffe Castle.

The 50 photographs selected were taken by 30 different club members and reveal diverse aspects of the area in different photographic style. The photographs are of people, nature, landscapes and the built environment. We hope you enjoy looking at them and vote for your favourite photograph.

We thank Keighley Creative Space, Bradford Metropolitan District Council (Shipley Community Chest) Pellers Frames, Keighley and Cliffe Castle Museum for their support of the club to bring you this exhibition.