YPU 2021 Annual Competition

The 2021 YPU Exhibition will be hosted by Bradford P.S and take place at the National Science and Media Museum. The last date of entry will be 14th February 2021. However members will need to submit their entries at least 1 week before this date, and therefore 7th Feb has been set as the last date you can submit entries into the exhibition. As more information becomes available, the website will be updated accordingly. Please download and read the rules carefully. The entries this year will only be Projected Digital Images- there will not been any print submissions.
Entries can now be submitted to Neil Fearnside as per the instructions within the entry form. Please send your images in one batch. Entries are £1-50 per image, a maximum of upto 10 images is allowed.
Don't leave your entry until the last date !

Below is a slideshow of 2020 Club acceptances into the Exhibition.