Monday 29th March 2021

Richard Speirs – Photography – A Personal Perception.
Richard Speirs – Photography – A Personal Perception.

The meeting of Bingley Camera Club on Monday was guest speaker from Carlisle, Richard Speirs talking about the personal perception of photography. The first have was an interesting insight into how our eyes and brain work together to see colour and how the brain can confuse the colours we see. The second half was Richard showing some of his images of the Lake District and explaining what he was seeing, what the results were and the thinking behind some shots. There was plenty of information for all levels of photography and will change the way we look at our photography and perhaps the research beforehand.

Bingley Camera Club would like to thank Richard for his time using the magic of the internet to visit West Yorkshire and more of Richard’s work can be seen here.

For members, a recording of the meeting will be in the ‘Guides’ section of the Facebook private group which is not to be shared outside the group.