Due to the current situation with Covid-19 and in line with goverment recomendations, all meetings are suspended until further notice. However, the club is still having it's weekly "meeting" using the Zoom video conferencing application. Details to join are emailed to members each week and also put on the clubs closed Facebook group page. If you have any problems logging into the application, please contact one of the committee members who will be more than happy to help. Stay Safe

If you wish to join the club, please use the contact page and one of the committee members will be in touch.

We're always looking for new members so for those who haven't been to any meetings yet or perhaps haven't been for a few years, please come along and see how things are done or how we might have changed. One thing that is the same - we're still very friendly. We are just a group of keen amateur photographers trying to enhance their enjoyment of photography with a programme of presentations, competitions and practical evenings. It's about helping each other develop and learn.

We meet every Monday evening throughout the autumn, winter and into spring. Our members come from all around the Aire and Worth Valleys including: Bingley, Shipley, Saltaire, Baildon, Keighley, Sutton, Oakworth, Haworth, Cullingworth, Wilsden to name but a few.

Our membership ranges from the very experienced to the beginner; the odd one or two are still using film and refuse to be dragged into the digital age! Whatever your level of expertise, you'll hopefully find something of interest. You'll certainly find a very warm welcome.

We've joined the 21st Century now by having a real web presence. Check out our Youtube Channel also Flickr site and also our Facebook site for more images and information. We also now have a Twitter account if anyone wants to follow us .......or even tweet us?